Holy Week

Holy Week is one of the religious holidays that Filipinos really celebrate as a country dominated by the Roman Catholic religion. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the lenten season. It occurs 46 days before Easter Sunday. For some, Holy Week is also called a long weekend vacation.

Here in the Philippines, Holy Week (Semana Santa or Mahal na Araw) is a big holiday. From Maunday Thursday  some business establishments are closed until Black Saturday. You will also notice that local radio and TV stations shut down their operation, or if they will operate they replace their regular program with religious musics or shows that are related to the event. Most people living in the cities head to their respective provinces for the long weekend.

Holy Week here is commemorated with different celebrations. Some people do the street procession, some go for mountain climbing where they can do soul searching for at least a few days without the hassles and bustle of city life.

Good Friday is really the center of this holiday. Most people stay at home praying. You can hardly see people walking on the street, especially in the provinces. Black Saturday or Holy Saturday mark as the people prepare for the Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday is the joyous celebrations. Many people  will go to church as early as dawn to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. After that, the entire family gears up for the morning mass. You will also find that the beaches in this time of the year are so crowded. Some people instead of going to the beach, they choose to stay home and play egg hunting.