Kadayawan Festival

Dabawenyos are starting to prepare for the Kadayawan Festival. Kadayawan is actually celebrated every third week in the month of August but to make the celebration more nice and fun, the people in Davao would usually start the preparation when the month of August starts.

What is Kadayawan?

Kadayawan is a weeklong celebration of good harvest in Davao. It is said that Kadayawan comes from the word “madayaw,” which means good or fortune. Kadayawan festival is a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature. Like the orchids (waling-waling) which are famous here in Davao.

The festival is celebrated through flower parades, indak-indak sa kadalanan or street dancing and of course the parade of different tribes here in Davao in their different traditional costumes. But really the most anticipating event is  the float of fresh flowers parade. Float parade comes in a  contest that is why they make the float design very nice.