WOW Magic Sing

Singing in a videoke is one of the most favorite past time of most Filipinos. In family gatherings like family reunion for example, videoke or karaoke is surely present in the activity. It is usually the main event because Filipinos loves to sing. It is sometimes our way of making ourselves free from the stressful things.

Because of that, many people have the videoke / karaoke machine for rent business. This is usually in the provinces and places like beaches. In the cities there are videoke bars anywhere.

For the people who likes to have a get together with their friends and relatives a lot, it is not worth it to just rent a karaoke machine. Because aside from the rental payment, sometimes the machine would not work (while you and your friends are in the middle of fun) due to some circumstances or even also sometimes for the machine that needs coins to operate, the coin would stuck. Well, lucky for you if the place where you rented the machine is just near from your place.

Having your own vieoke / karaoke machine is always better since you can use it anytime you want. Or you can have it rented by your friends if you like.

Here in WowPhilippines, we have WOW Magic Sing – Fiesta Edition and WOW Magic Sing – Mabuhay Edition. It is a perfect gift for your Filipina friend/girlfriend who loves to sing and hang-out with her friends and family.  It is also very convenient since all she needs to do is plug it into her TV and she can already sing to her hearts content.

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